A public laying on of hands was performed by Apostles Barbara Yoder, Barbara Wentroble and Chuck Pierce in November, 1997, declaring Tim James an Apostle in the City of Houston.

In a similar ceremony Joyce James was ordained an Apostle to the Nations by Doug Stringer in November, 2004.

Joyce recently celebrated 50 years of ministry on August 29, 2021. Her experience is motivated by her love for God and the need for people to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

She was ordained as a Minister of the gospel on August 29, 1971 by Minister Lola Nelson of Word of Life Ministries, Inc.

They founded their first church in June, 1989, and named it Total Man Christian Center. After pastoring the church for 23 years, they merged the ministry with Dominion Church International, where Paul Hardin Sr. is the Pastor.

Tim and Joyce, traveled on a mission to Kenya in 2012, a few hundred miles north of Nairobi, for which they are passionately involved. They built a water well for their small village, which supplies fresh water to about 500 people. They have supplied funding for the schooling of orphans and other children in the community. They continue their efforts to help grow this village with a vision of helping them to help themselves.

In June of 2013, Tim and Joyce were prompted by the Holy Spirit to plant their second church Blessed Assurance Christian Assembly.

Among their many accomplishments are: 

Tim James

1.Co-coordinator of US Prayer Center with Eddie Smith (1997-1999)

2.Member of National Prayer Committee (1997)

3.Member of Mission America (1997)

4.Racial and Gender Reconciliation Ministry (1997-1999)

5.Has written magazine articles for Charisma and Pray Magazines

6.Foreign missions to Argentina and Kenya, east Africa.

7.Conference Speaker

8.Praise & worship conferences

9. Tim is currently writing his first book

Joyce James

1.Founded ACHOR Christian Counseling Center (2007-Present)

2.City wide prayer leader (1998)

3.Conference speaker

4. Mathetria 1 and 2 (Women's Discipleship) 2002 - 2003

5.Author of three books –‘The Real Deal” “So Much Pain” and "Crazy Christians"

6.Foreign missions and built water well in Kenya, Africa.

Tim and Joyce have three biological children and one "adopted" daughter; 7 biological grandchildren; of which one, their eldest granddaughter, Meagan Ariel James, passed away July 9, 2020, three "adopted" grandchildren; and 6 great-grandchildren.