Shelly D. Stevens is the Senior Pastor of Blessed Assurance Christian Assembly (BACA).  She was duly ordained and installed as the Senior Pastor of BACA on March 21, 2021.   She has a Master’s Degree in Accounting, and is also a Certified Life Coach.   Pastor Shelly’s passion is people, and her joy is loving them to wholeness.
Pastor Shelly has served God and His people faithfully for over 20 years.

Her obstacles in life and her determination to overcome the rejection and abandonment she experienced at birth from those she loved, has equipped her with a strong desire to succeed and has taught her how to lead. At the age of 13, she was homeless, and later raised three amazing children with minimal assistance. Her resilience, with the hand of God on her life, gave her the strength to overcome many challenges and hurdles that she faced. She is an example of what God can do with a life that trusts Him.
Pastor Shelly has served in various capacities in the work of the ministry. In 2000, she served as the Youth Minister of New Destiny Church under the leadership of Pastor Kervin James. She was later licensed as a Minister of the Gospel of Total Man Christian Center under the leadership of Apostles Timothy and Joyce James in 2008, and served as an Elder of BACA from 2013 to 2021. Pastor Shelly has worked in all areas of ministry from the Sound Technician to the Financial Administrator. She remains an example to others of tireless service, being totally sold out to the work of the ministry.

Pastor Shelly is a walking miracle and a testimony of God’s grace, unfailing love and far-reaching faithfulness. Though at birth Shelly was abandoned by her parents, God divinely orchestrated her life so that she was placed in a family home that feared God and served Him actively in ministry and missionary work. It was during these childhood years that the seeds of desire were planted in her gentle heart to serve God and humanity.

As much as Pastor Shelly loved the Lord and loved to serve God and His people, being a pastor was never one of her aspirations. However, the more she continued to serve God and His people she exemplified the heart of a pastor. The call of God upon her life became more and more evident. After her service of more than 20 years, God laid it upon the hearts of Apostle Timothy and Joyce James, founders of Blessed Assurance Christian Assembly, to appoint their daughter, Shelly Stevens, to the Office of the Pastor. This was a push for her into her next level of purpose and destiny.

Pastor Shelly has three beautiful children, DeAndrea (Dominic), Nakesia and Tony. She also has four grandchildren, all of which are boys—Tyrell, Cason, Azariah and Ashton. She is a native Texan, born in Houston and loves her city and its people.
Pastor Shelly stands on this belief, “Only love conquers all.  It is only pure unconditional love that can reach past pain, addiction, trauma and so much more; and touch the very heart of the matter to bring change.” Pastor Shelly is a living example and the epitome of love. SHALOM!